• Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the most common questions asked by men suffering Low Testosterone?

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  • How can Testosterone replacement help?

    Men inevitably begin to lose natural testosterone beginning around age 40, in a process that continues throughout life. Low testosterone results in a spectrum of health & lifestyle challenges

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Welcome to

Low Testosterone Clinic

the premier professional health provider for testosterone deficiency solutions.

Low testosterone affects millions of men in Australia and the symptoms are about a lot more than sexual
performance. Now there’s very good news: decades of medical research and clinical work have created a variety of solutions to restore healthy testosterone levels and reverse symptoms related to low testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help you enjoy substantial health benefits:

  • Restore healthy bone density
  • Improve muscle mass & strength
  • Achieve healthy mood balance
  • Boost energy and support better focus
  • Improve sexual desire, function and performance

Australian Men Are Enjoying More Satisfying Lives!

Testosterone replacement therapy is effective and affordable and it’s already changed the lives of thousands of Australian men for the better. Don’t suffer in silence: you can’t stop getting older, but you can stop FEELING older!

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the safest and most effective treatments to reverse common ageing symptoms in men and improve longevity. Your health is not tied to your age – testosterone replacement therapy can help you turn back the clock and enjoy the health & ultimate satisfaction with life you enjoyed as a young man!

If you have noticed symptoms of ageing, now is the time to fight back. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, our doctors and specialists are ready to help you enjoy your life to its fullest!


What are potential side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?

Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy are in most cases mild, and even less pronounced for bio-identical testosterone creams. These side effects may include:
  • Oily skin or acne
  • Prostate tissue stimulation, with potential urinary symptoms
  • Potential elevated risk of prostate cancer
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Potential breast enlargement (managed with dosage adjustment)

Will testosterone replacement medications interfere with any other medications I currently take?

In most cases no: there is no interaction between testosterone replacement medication and other prescription medications. Your Low Testosterone Website doctor can reveal any potential conflicts, make certain you disclose all of your prescriptions and medical history during your consultation.

How long into a testosterone replacement program until I begin to see results?

Some benefits are faster to arrive than others. In only a few weeks, you may notice substantial improvement in your energy levels and sleep patterns – these benefits alone can create noticeably improved quality of life. After a few months of testosterone replacement, most patients enjoy improved sex drive and performance, restored muscle mass and bone density, and optimal mood balance.