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Do you have questions about low testosterone? We can help you with answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about low testosterone and testosterone deficiency. Please contact us directly with additional questions or to learn more, we are happy to help.

Why do men need testosterone replacement therapy?

Men experience a decline in natural testosterone production as part of the ageing process. Low testosterone can cause a variety of health problems and unpleasant symptoms, including lower energy levels, depression and mood imbalance, diminished focus, reduced bone density & muscle mass, limited sex drive and poor sexual performance. Testosterone replacement therapy restores proper hormone balance and reduces or completely eliminates many of these symptoms. Testosterone replacement can optimise longevity health and improve quality of life.

What is bio-identical testosterone?

Bio-identical testosterone is specially formulated to be an exact replica of the testosterone your body produces naturally. It is structurally different from synthetic testosterone, which is not identical to natural human testosterone.

How is bio-identical testosterone different from synthetic testosterone?

Synthetic testosterone is designed to mimic the performance of natural testosterone on most biological pathways, however it cannot precisely match effectiveness at a deeper, molecular level. This often means synthetic testosterone can have more pronounced side effects. Bio-identical testosterone is precisely calibrated to perfectly match natural testosterone, which typically results in reduced side effects, more efficient performance, and better suitability for long term use.

Do I need a prescription for bio-identical testosterone?

Yes. Bio-identical testosterone in all forms – creams, gels, injections, patches, and lozenges – is compounded in a specialised pharmacy, using approved ingredients in precisely formulated amounts. To ensure quality, safety and effectiveness, all bio-identical testosterone medications are available through prescription only.

Why are bio-identical creams typically a superior delivery method?

Testosterone taken orally must transit the stomach and the liver, which can reduce the effectiveness of your hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone absorbed through the skin is metabolised faster and more efficiently, which typically produces superior results. Everyone responds differently to testosterone medications, your Low Testosterone Website doctor will work to find the best delivery method for you.

How long into a testosterone replacement program until I begin to see results?

Some benefits are faster to arrive than others. In only a few weeks, you may notice substantial improvement in your energy levels and sleep patterns – these benefits alone can create noticeably improved quality of life. After a few months of testosterone replacement, most patients enjoy improved sex drive and performance, restored muscle mass and bone density, and optimal mood balance.

Will testosterone replacement medications interfere with any other medications I currently take?

In most cases no: there is no interaction between testosterone replacement medication and other prescription medications. Your Low Testosterone Website doctor can reveal any potential conflicts, make certain you disclose all of your prescriptions and medical history during your consultation.

What are potential side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?

Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy are in most cases mild, and even less pronounced for bio-identical testosterone creams. These side effects may include:

  • Oily skin or acne
  • Prostate tissue stimulation, with potential urinary symptoms
  • Potential elevated risk of prostate cancer
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Potential breast enlargement (managed with dosage adjustment)

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