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How Does Low Testosterone Affect My Sex Life?

Testosterone is near the top of the list of important hormones produced by the body. It is a vital hormone that plays a role in the function of many body systems and functions and can be found in males and females, though it is much more prevent in men- hence its nickname of the male sex hormone. Testosterone is mainly produced in the testicles in men and it is also stored there too. It is the hormone which assists with the stimulation of sperm production and helps control a man’s sex drive and libido. A lesser known but still important and continually studied effect of testosterone in men is it seems to help build muscle and bone mass.

The production of testosterone in the body peeks around puberty around the time a young man is considered sexually mature and the levels decreases as men age. This is a normal part of aging and is of no concern really but at times younger men may have low T levels and this can cause problems with their sex drive and hamper their sexual activities. This is especially frustrating for men who are in the prime of their lives. Signs of low T (also called hypogonadism) are often subtle and usually an official diagnosis is needed by a medical procession, such as those at The Testosterone Clinic. We here care about helping each of our patients regain his confidence and his ability to perform. Here are some of the warning signs we encourage all of our patients to be on the lookout for:

  • Testosterone is a powerful factor for attaining and maintaining a strong erection during intercourse. When testosterone levels fall too low, men experience what is commonly known as erectile dysfunction. ED is the most common side effect to low T levels.
  • Levels of testosterone can ave a big effect on semen production as well and also helps boost the vitality and number of sperm that are produced. More T means more sperm and a higher fertility rate and lower levels of T mean less semen during intercourse and lower sperm counts.
  • Testosterone has a huge role in the sexual urges and libido in both men and women. Men with low T will usually experience a sharp and dramatic drop in their sex drive and find that sex does not interest them as much or they are not as turned on as they once were.
  • Men living with low T levels often say they feel more tired and worn out and that they seem to lose their energy faster than they used to. Beyond normal aging effects low testosterone can affect energy, which makes it harder to last a full round in bed.
  • Women typically are the ones people think of when it comes to mood swings but men can suffer from them too, especially if they are suffering from low T levels. Mood swings can wreak havoc on a romantic night if things start to go wrong with a partner.
  • Men with low T might see a surprising loss in both muscle mass and strength. They will also often report that it is harder to put on muscle mass once they have lost it. It is still being studied in this regard but lack of strength can have a huge impact in the bedroom.
  • While it is known that lower levels of T can cause fat buildup, few realize what kind of impact this can have on one’s sex life. Not only does excess weight affect your looks, fat buildup in certain areas can make it harder to get into the right positions during sex.

Contact Testosterone Clinic today if you are afraid you may be suffering from low testosterone levels. We will help you set up your first appointment and find out what is causing your symptoms. You do not have to suffer alone and keep it all to yourself. There are treatments available and we are ready and able to help you find the one that is best for you and your unique needs. Give us a call- you will be glad that you did!