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Treatment Options for Low Testosterone

The best treatment for males who are suffering from low levels of testosterone will largely depend on the underlying cause. Sometimes testosterone replacement therapy may be best and other times something as simple as weight loss and a healthier lifestyle can restore levels to a normalized state. While there are no forms of testosterone therapy that have yet been approved for women in the United States, there are some who will prescribe milder doses of testosterone injections for women who have testosterone imbalances. When an underlying medical condition is impating the level of testosterone then in many cases addressing that condition and relieving the symptoms will help restore hormone levels.
Treatment Options

Testosterone is delivered to the male body in a number of ways:

  • Injections- these are given into a major muscle such as the arm or leg and can be given every few weeks in a doctor’s office or through self-injection.
  • Patches or gels can be used and applied to the skin- these contain high level of testosterone and are used daily to supply a boost to the hormone levels.
  • A tablet-shaped patch which is called a buccal system is used in the mouth where the upper gum and inside of the lip in to offer a 12 hr supply of testosterone.
  • Testosterone pellets are concentrated doses that are inserted under the skin of the buttocks, where the slow release formula delivers for up to three or four months.

Men and women can be treated with supplemental testosterone but they must have follow-up blood tests in order to monitor their health and to see how they are responding to the treatment.